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Vladimir Sahakyan
PhD of Physical and mathematical sciences
Deputy Director of Science,
Head of Computational and
Cognitive Networks Department

Hasmik Sahakyan
Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences
Scientific Secretary,
Leading Researcher

  • Hrachya Astsatryan
    PhD in technical sciences
    Head of Center for Scientific
    Computing Department
  • Sergey Abrahamyan
    PhD in  physical sciences
    Scientific Researcher
  • Davit Asatryan
    Professor, Doctor of Sciences
    Leading Scientific Researcher
  • Levon Aslanyan
    Doctor of physical sciences
    Head of Discrete Mathematics Department
  • Haykaz Danoyan
    PhD in Physico-mathematical sciences, Yerevan State University, Chair of Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics (2010-2013). Thesis Title: Research of Certain Discrete Extremal   Problems. Supervisor: Professor L. Aslanyan
    Junior Scientific Researcher
  • Aram Yesayan
    Ph.D in Mathematics,  Associate professor
    Scientific Researcher
  • Parandzem Hakobyan
    Ph.D of  Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Scientific Researcher
  • Mariam Haroutunian
    2005, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, received from the Institute of Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dissertation: “Information-theoretical investigation of multi-terminal and varying discrete communication channels”.
    1991, Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (equivalent to PhD) received from the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Dissertation: “Bounds of E-capacity for varying channels”
    Leading Scientific Researcher, Head of Department for Information Theory and Statistical Models
  • Gevorg Margarov
    PhD of technical sciences
  • Artashes Mirzoyan
    Chief Engineer
  • Yuri Shoukourian
    Doctor of technical sciences, Member of NAS RA
    Scientific Adviser
  • Samvel Shoukourian
    Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Member of NAS RA
  • Artak Petrosyan
    PhD of technical sciences
    Deputy Director
  • Eduard Poghosyan
    Professor, PhD and Doctoral in Mathematical Cybernetics
    Head of Cognitive Algorithms and Models Direction
  • Suren Poghosyan
    PhD of technical sciences
    Senior Scientific Researcher
  • Shushanik Sargsyan
    PhD. in Biol. Sci.
    Head of Scientific Information Analysis and Monitoring Center
  • Hakob Sarukhanyan
    Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor
    Head of Coding and Signal Processing department.
On December 15, 2020 at 14:00

Seminar of Department of Discrete Mathematics will be held on the topic: "On the number of sets, free of sum".
Reporter: V. Sargsyan.

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