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Personal Data

Full name Hasmik Sahakyan
Phone (+374 10) 282040
E-mail hsahakyan@sci.am
Scientific Secretary; Leading Researcher
Research Interests

Combinatorics, Discrete tomography, Data Mining


Ph.D.   Institute for Informatics and AutomationProblems of NAS RA

M.Sc.   Yerevan State University, Department
of Applied Mathematics

Titles, Degree
Ph.D. in Physical and mathematical sciences. 
Professional Experience

Scientific Secretary   Institute for Informatics and Automation
Problems (at present)

Leading Researcher   Department of Discrete Mathematics,
Institute for Informatics and Automation
Problems (at present)

Lecturer   Yerevan State University, department of
Informatics and Applied Mathematics
(2001 – 2007)

Selected Publications

H. Sahakyan, “On the set of simple hypergraph degree sequences”, Applied Mathematical Sciences, vol. 9, Number 5-8, pp. 243-253, 2015.

H. Sahakyan, “Essential points of the n-cube subset partitioning characterisation”, Discrete Applied Mathematics, vol. 163, pp. 205-213, 2014.

H. Sahakyan, “Constrained object-characterization tables and algorithms”, Information Content and Processing\", Vol.1, Number 2, 2014, pp. 136-144.

H. Sahakyan, L. Aslanyan, “Evaluation of greedy algorithm of constructing (0,1)-matrices with different rows”, Information Technologies and Knowledge, Vol.5, Number 1, 2011, pp. 55-66.

H. Sahakyan, “Approximation greedy algorithm for reconstructing of (0.1)-matrices with different rows”, Information Theories and Applications, Vol. 17, Number 2, 2010-11, pp. 124-137.

H. Sahakyan,\"Numerical characterization of n-cube subset partitioning,\" Discrete Applied Mathematics, vol. 157, pp. 2191-2197, 2009.

H. Sahakyan and L. Aslanyan, \"On structural resource of monotone recognition,\" International Journal on Information Theory and Applications, vol. 15, pp. 285-289, 2008.

H. Sahakyan, \"Description reduction for restricted sets of (0,1) matrices,\" International Journal on Information Theory and Applications, vol. 14, pp. 311-315, 2007

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In the frames of Erasmus+ Credit Mobility the first-year students of "Informatics and Computer Engineering" Department of ISEC NAS RA can study their first semester of 2018-2019 academic year at Universite Toulouse 3-Paul Sabatier (UT3-PS), France. (See more)

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