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  • Workshop on "Digitization and recognition of historical heritage", September 26, 2023, Yerevan, Armenia
    (Part of CSIT-2023 Conference program)

  • Exploring Virtualization and Monitoring Opportunities in Networking

    The workshop will dive into the GN5-1 Project, where participants can explore the transformative power of virtualization techniques and effective monitoring strategies in enhancing network infrastructures.

    Network professionals, administrators, and researchers from NRENs are invited to attend and gain a deeper understanding of the potential of virtualization technologies and monitoring opportunities within the context of NRENs.

    One of the workshop's focuses will be Network Management as a Service (NMaaS), offering a portfolio of network management applications hosted as dedicated per-user instances in the cloud.

    The workshop will feature an immersive WiFiMon, where participants will explore the comprehensive features and capabilities of GÉANT's WiFiMon service. WiFiMon empowers users to monitor and analyze WiFi network performance in real time, providing valuable insights into signal strength, link quality, bit rate, and other technical parameters. Through interactive exercises and demonstrations, participants will gain practical experience utilizing WiFiMon to manage and optimize WiFi network performance proactively.

  • Workshop on "Using UAVs for monitoring hard-to-reach objects", September 30, 2021, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2021 Conference program)

    Organized jointly by Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA, National Polytechnic University of Armenia and Yerevan Telecommunication Research Institute

    Workshop is supposed to discuss the issues of methodology, technical implementation and use of UAVs for monitoring hard-to-reach objects (bridges, tunnels, high-rise buildings, power plants and power transmission lines, water supply channels, roads, etc.) to assess the technical condition.

    The Workshop's objectives are:

    1. Automation of objects monitoring
    2. Development and implementation of technical means of monitoring
    3. Development and implementation of software
    4. Development of legal provisions for monitoring

  • Workshop on "Internationalization of the Armenian Science: Challenges and Solutions", September 30, 2021, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2021 Conference program)

    Main Goal:

    The workshop is intended to come together and discuss the internationalization of Armenian science into the agenda of the Armenian academic field and the latest developments in global open science commons. It will also cover the work done so far in this direction.


    - Global science clouds to support cross-disciplinary open science, including European Open Science Cloud
    - Research data management standards and principles, including the FAIR principle
    - Readiness of Armenian scientific community towards open data
    - Integration of Armenia in Open science movement: achievements and further steps
    - Open data repositories: risks and opportunities

    Target groups:

    1. Researchers and students
    2. Editors of scientific journals
    3. Administrative staff of scientific organizations
    4. Policy makers in the field of science


    Anastas Mishev is a professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at UKIM. The focus of his research is infrastructures for collaborative computing and research, primarily Grid and High-Performance Computing systems. His aim is to get these systems closer to all potential users, mainly the research communities, in order to fully use their enormous potential. He researched in the areas of computer architectures and networks, software engineering, Internet technologies and e-learning, and is co-author of over 70 scientific papers published in international journals and proceedings of conferences. He has participated in the implementation of over 30 international projects funded by TEMPUS, PHARE, DAAD and FP programs, targeting the development of IT infrastructure and IT education. He was national coordinator of the e-infrastructure project HP-SEE (FP7), VI-SEEM (H2020) and NI4OS-Europe (as WP leader). He participated in GEANT GN projects since GN3. He is a member and a former president of the board of MARNet, the NREN in North Macedonia.

    Dr. Ognjen Prnjat holds the position of Director of European Infrastructures and Projects at GRNET. In this role he is responsible for the overall GRNET involvement in pan-European and worldwide e-Infrastructures. He is also organizing various aspects of e-Infrastructures in the South-East European region and beyond, their sustainability and seamless integration in pan-European landscape. In the past 15 years he has acted as project coordinator for 7 EC projects in the field, focusing on e-Infrastructure service development in South East Europe, and is currently the Project Coordinator of NI4OS-Europe. Previously Ognjen was with the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London, where as a Research Fellow he was leading technical and project management aspects of a number of EC ACTS/IST and UK EPSRC projects in diverse fields of computing and telecoms. He holds a Bachelor of Eng. Degree in Electronics and Electrical Eng. (First Class Honors) from University of Surrey, UK; MSc (Distinction) from University College London; and Ph.D. in Telecoms also from UCL.

    Dr. Ilias Papastamatiou is an Electrical and Computer Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and holds the position of the Project Manager at GRNET since 2020. He participates in the management and implementation of National and EU projects in the area of High-Performance Network Connectivity and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) such as GEANT’s GN4-3 and GN4-3N, NI4OS-Europe and EOSC-Future. Previously, during 2014-2020, he worked at the European Commission in Brussels, and specifically as Member of the Cabinet to the Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship and later as Policy Officer at the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME). During 2013-2014 he was Advisor at the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence and Head of the ICT Department of the Minister’s Cabinet. He retained the same position for the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs during 2012-2013. He and holds a PhD from NTUA with honours in the research domain of Decision Support Systems, Smart Cities and ICT. Mr Papastamatiou has received awards for his work by the Greek Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NTUA, IEEE and the Canadian research association AIE - Advances in Engineering.

    Dr. Hrachya Astsatryan studied mathematics and graduated from Yerevan State University in 1998. In 2001 he received his Ph.D. from the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA and in 2020 habilitation degree (HDR) from the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse. His research experience is related to the topics of e-infrastructures and scientific computations. He has authored more than 70 articles in the revised journals and proceedings. Now he is the director and head of the Center for Scientific Computing of the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.

    Dr. Shushanik Sargsyan is a head of the Center for the Information Analysis and Monitoring, Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia. She is also an assistant professor at Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi and the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA. Dr. Sargsyan is an author of dozens of articles in biophysics and scientometrics published in local and international journals. Dr. Sargsyan is/was actively engaged in several international projects related to modern trends in scholarly communication, such as OpenAIRE, NI4OS-Europe. She is also active in projects on a national level related to open science, as a result of which Armenian OpenAIRE NOAD was build and integrated into the pan-European OpenAIRE network. Her research interests include bibliometrics, open science, medical physics etc.

  • Workshop "Digitalisation of Education and Management", September 24, 2019, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2019 Conference program)
  • Workshop "Scientometrics in Practice", September 26, 2019, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2019 Conference program)
  • Workshop on "Scientometrics: Basic Concepts and Approaches", September 28, 2017, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program)
  • Workshop on "Promoting Cooperation between researchers in Armenia and Scientific Diaspora in ICT and Related Research Fields" organized jointly with EU funded H2020 EaP+ Project, September 27, 2017, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program)  
  • Workshop on “Information Technologies Management”, September 26, 2017, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program)
  • Workshop on "Supercomputing and Big Data: An Engine for Research and Innovation", September 25, 2017, Yerevan, Armenia (Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program)
  • Workshop on “Creation of cloud computing environment for solving scientific and application problems” will be held on 25 February, 2017 in NAS RA Arzakan conference house.
  • Workshop on Computing and Networking, September 27, 2016, Yerevan, Armenia
  • Workshop “IT in Education”, September 29, 2015, Yerevan, Armenia
  • “International Virtual Laboratory on CS”, September 30, 2015, Yerevan, Armenia
  • Scientific Computing Challenges”, September 19, 2014, Yerevan, Armenia
Հայաստանի գիտությունների ազգային ակադեմիա ՈԱԿ-ը հայտարարում է մրցույթ
ՀՀ ԳԱԱ Ինֆորմատիկայի և ավտոմատացման պրոբլեմների ինստիտուտի պետական ոչ առևտրային կազմակերպության տնօրենի թափուր պաշտոնը համալրելու համար
(Տեսնել ավելին)

On May 23, 2024 at 14:00 the general seminar of IIAP will be held (the seminar's room, IV floor).

On the agenda

ՀՀ ԳԱԱ Ինֆորմատիկայի և ավտոմատացման պրոբլեմների ինստիտուտի  <<Կոդավորման և ազդանշանների մշակման>> բաժինը աշխատանքի է հրավիրում մաթեմատիկական և տեխնիկական կրթությամբ մագիստրոսների, ինչպես նաև 4-րդ կուրսի ուսանողների հետևյալ ուղություններում`
  • Գաղտնագրություն (Cryptography)
  • Կոդավորման Տեսություն (Coding Theory)
  • Պատկերների մշակում (Image Processing)
  • Ազդանշանների մշակում (Signal Processing)
  • Համակարգչային տեսանելիություն (Computer Vision) 
  1. Խորը գիտելիքներ հանրահաշվից և թվային մեթոդներից
  2. Անգլերենի իմացությունը պարտադիր է, ռուսերենի իմացությունը՝ ցանկալի:
  3. Ցանկալի է առնվազն մեկ ծրագրավորման լեզվի իմացություն:
  4. Աշխատանքային փորձը պարտադիր չէ:
Աշխատանքին դիմելու համար կարող եք ինքնակենսագրականը (CV) ուղարկել  էլեկտրոնային հասցեին:

  • 0014, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 1, P. Sevak str.
  • Phone: (+37410) 28-20-50
  • E-mail: