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Mathematical and Software Support of Computers, Complexes, Systems and Networks – Physical and mathematical, and Technical sciences (05.13.04)

Yuri Shoukourian, Chairman
Doctor of technical sciences, Member of NAS RA
Scientific Adviser
Levon Aslanyan, Vice-chairman
Doctor of physical sciences
Head of Discrete Mathematics Department
Mariam Haroutunian, Secretary
2005, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, received from the Institute of Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dissertation: “Information-theoretical investigation of multi-terminal and varying discrete communication channels”.
1991, Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (equivalent to PhD) received from the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Dissertation: “Bounds of E-capacity for varying channels” Leading Scientific Researcher, Head of Department for Information Theory and Statistical Models
Hamlet Haroutunian

Doctor of technical sciences

Gurgen Haroutunian
Doctor of technical sciences
Samvel Shoukourian
Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Member of NAS RA
Hrachya Astsatryan
PhD in technical sciences
Head of Center for Scientific
Computing Department
Vladimir Sahakyan
PhD of Physical and mathematical sciences
Deputy Director of Science,
Head of Computational and
Cognitive Networks Department
We are pleased to announce that in the frame of the All4R&D project's second open call 26 courses in 6 categories are offered, as well as 4 innovative practices, free of charge. The courses are tailored-made, based on the assessed needs of students and professionals, and trends in the industry. The courses are co-created and are offered in joint collaboration of academic and business organizations from 6 countries (Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Germany, Finland, and Austria).

All courses will be in English and employ innovative teaching methods.
Click here for more information.

Open Call for the participation of Young Researchers and Companies in Research projects

We are pleased to announce that the NPUA/IIAP Cooperative R&D Unit has open calls for researchers, MS/Ph.D students, and companies in two new international research projects:
  • Astronomical Objects Classification
  • Performance Optimization System for Hadoop and Spark Frameworks.
We are inviting all the interested parties to participate in these projects.
For more information please follow the link:

  • 0014, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 1, P. Sevak str.
  • Phone: (+37410) 28-20-30
  • E-mail: