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Final conference and results of the All4R&D project

The final conference held in October this year was a concluding step towards the completion of the All4R&D Erasmus+ project "Promoting the Academia-Industry Alliances for Research and Development through Collaborative  and Open Innovatiօn Platform".
The main aim of the project was to accelerate research, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Armenia through enhancing strategic academia-industry alliances.
The specific project objectives are:
  • To reinforce existing and to establish new university structures – Cooperative R&D Units together with industry; partners in the areas of knowledge creation and transfer, research and innovation, commercialisation of R&D results;
  • To develop a methodology for collaboration and open innovation and establish web based platform focusing on knowledge transfer, innovation and networking potential;
  • To test and review the model of collaboration between universities and companies through pilot projects;
  • To enhance career development and employability of students and alumni by offering new and innovative opportunities in research and education.
During the working meetings and mutual visits of the project, the experience of conducting R&D projects was studied at the Ruhr University (Bochum, Germany) and at the University of Vaasa (Finland).
The creation of a universal platform for university-industry cooperative cooperation was chosen as a means of realizing the main goal of the project. Within the project 50 professional courses have been developed divided into 6 fields.
As a result of the project, in 2021, a joint R&D center was founded at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia between the Institute of Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA and NPUA which will allow IIAP to implement new R&D projects with both NPUA and other universities.
On February 27, 2024 at 14:00 the general seminar of IIAP will be held (the seminar's room, IV floor).

On the agenda
 there is the preliminary discussion of the dissertation for the PhD degree (specialty 05.13.05) of Tigran Galstyan on "Հատկանիշներ համապատասխանեցնող արտապատկերումների հայտնաբերման խնդրի վիճակագրական և հաշվողական բարդությունը".

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