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Insights from a visit of IIAP delegation to workshop at the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University in France

As partner institution in the ERASMUS+ K2 Capacity Building in Higher Education ARMDOCT ( initiative, the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA is represented by a delegation at the regular workshop being held at the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University in France from April 25 to 27.
The IIAP delegates learned about the structure of doctoral education in France, cutting-edge and interdisciplinary doctoral programs, and introduced the project partner—the doctoral schools being established in Armenian universities to ensure synergies between HEIs, research institutes, and industry.

More than 60 representatives from various organizations, including the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, the EU and AM partner universities and research institutions, attended the workshop.

The workshop gave the participants the chance to learn about the procedures for setting up doctoral education in France, recent reforms, cutting-edge doctoral program architectures, elements of co-supervision and supervision, and other pertinent subjects.
Prof. Manuel Jobert, vice president for international affairs at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, Prof. Isabelle Delpla, vice president for research, Prof. Guillaume Rousset, local coordinator for the ARMDOCT project, and Arevik Ohanyan, project coordinator, gave the introductory remarks, where long-term collaboration with Armenian universities were stressed.
The agenda was full with variety of subjects, such as the accomplishments of a PhD program in management and economics and a doctoral program in law. Additionally, the attendees learnt about the European system of credit, supervision and co-supervision, and internal and external quality assurance.
The representatives from Armenia actively participated in group discussions on the doctoral programs and schools that will be starting up in Armenia where using the survey method different opinions were discussed on a certain topics.
Notable are the upcoming openings of several doctoral programs in Armenia, including the DS in Special Education at ASPU, the Industrial PHD/DS in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at YSU, the Industrial Doctoral Program in Technical/Technological Sciences at NPUA, the DS in Sustainable Development at EIU and ISEC, the DS in Computer Science at UFAR and IIAP, the DS in Applied Linguistics and Communication at BSU, PHD programme in Neuroscience at YSMU, and Curriculum Enhancement and Development of Co-supervision Toolkit at VSU.
Overall, the workshop served as a useful experience for our team to exchange experiences, benefit from one another's knowledge, and discuss the ways to raise the standard of PhD education in Armenia.
On February 27, 2024 at 14:00 the general seminar of IIAP will be held (the seminar's room, IV floor).

On the agenda
 there is the preliminary discussion of the dissertation for the PhD degree (specialty 05.13.05) of Tigran Galstyan on "Հատկանիշներ համապատասխանեցնող արտապատկերումների հայտնաբերման խնդրի վիճակագրական և հաշվողական բարդությունը".

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