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Main Fields

Automata Theory, Self-organized Network Models and Applications
Algorithms Theory and Automated Program Synthesis
Mathematical Logic and Applications
Applied Programming Systems
Discrete Analysis and Recognition
Inverse Combinatorial Problems and Algorithms
Special Colorings of Graphs
Extremal Problems of Graph Theory
ICT Innovation and Business
Reliability Criterion in Information Theory
Mathematical and Applied Statistics
Modeling of Multiscale Physical-Chemical Processes
Digital Signal and Image Processing Systems
Critical Technologies of Image Processing
Error Control Codes and Information Security Problems Related to Cloud Applications
Polynomials over Finite Fields, Design and Analysis of Symmetric Ciphers
Mathematical Modelling of Distributed Systems
Cognitive Algorithms and Models
Systems of Remote Monitoring and Control
Dynamical Systems and Networks
Network and Cloud Services
High Performance Computing Systems
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11th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies - CSIT-2017 will take place on September 25 -29, 2017, in Yerevan, Armenia, http://www.csit.am.

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