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Full name Irina Arsenyan
Phone (+374 93) 763895, (374 10) 567301
E-mail irusharsen@gmail.com
Scientific Researcher
Research Interests

Combinatorial Analysis, Discrete Optimization


Faculty  of  Informatics and Applied Mathematics  Yerevan State  University (1972-1977)

Professional Experience
Junior scientific researcher   Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA (1977-1991)
Scientific researcher   Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA (1991)
Selected Publications

L. Aslanyan, I. Arsenyan, V. Karakhanyan, Learning Schemes and Pattern Recognition, CSIT, 2007, pp. 165-169.

I. Akopova, L. Aslanyan Estimations of reduced disjunctive normal forms. Uchenie Zapiski. 1, 1970, (in Russian)

L. Aslanyan, I. Akopova, On the distribution of the number of interior points in subsets of the n – dimensional unit cube, Colloquia Mathematica Socientatis Janos Bolyai, Eger (Hungary), 1981, pp. 47-58.

I. Arsenyan, On the distribution of the number of interior points of subsets of n – dimensional torus, CSIT, 2003, pp. 145-147.

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11th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies - CSIT-2017 will take place on September 25 -29, 2017, in Yerevan, Armenia, http://www.csit.am.

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