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Full name Gurgen Khachatryan
Phone (+374 10) 512669
E-mail gurgenkh@aua.am
Principal Scientific Researcher
Research Interests

Information theory, Cryptography, Information Security, Coding theory (error control coding, coding for multiple access channels), Finite field algebra



Titles, Degree
Professor,  Doctor of technical sciences, Member of NAS RA
Professional Experience
Professor   American University of Armenia
(since   2007)

Chief Researcher   “Quantum digital solutions”corporation USA

Chief Cryptographer   "CYLINK" corporation USA (1999-2001)

Head of the Sector   Institute for Informatics and
Automation Problems, NAS RA(1985-1999)
Selected Publications

J. Massey, G. Khachatrian and M. Kyuregyan. Nomination of SAFER+ as candidate algorithm for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Submission document from Cylink Corporation to NIST, June 1998.

J. Massey, G. H. Khachatrian and M.  K. Kyuregyan, “SAFER+, Cylink Corporation's Submission for the Advanced Encryption Standard Candidate Conference”, Ventura, CA, August 20-22, 1998.

G.Khachatrian, S. Martirossian. Code Construction for the T-User Noiseless Adder Channel. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol.44, no. 5, pp. 1953-1957, 1998. 

G. Khachatrian, K. Hovakimyan, K Nikogossyan, A. Vartapetyan. Performance of an S-CDMA system with noncoherent spread-spectrum MSK modems.  IEEE TRANS VEH TECHNOL , vol. 47, no. 2, pp. 591-601, 1998.

G.Khachatrian , K.A. S. Immnik.  Construction of simple runlength-limited codes. Electronics Letters vol. 35, no. 2, 1999.

J. Massey, G.Khachatrian, M.Kuregian  “Nomination of SAFER++ as a Candidate Algorithm for NESSIE project “ - first NESSIE conference,  Leuven Belgium (37p), October 20-21, (2000)

G.Khachatrian, M.Kuregian, K.Ispirian, J.Massey, “Fast Multiplication of Integers for Public-Key Cryptosystems” - Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Selected Areas in Cryptography, LNSC 2259, Toronto, (2001), 245-254 

Khachatryan G. and Kyureghyan M., New public key encryption and signature scheme, Proceedings of the Workshop on Applications of Information Theory, Coding and Security, 14-16 April, 2010, Yerevan, Armenia.

Khachatrian G., Jivanyan A., New E-voting protocol based on voter’s secrets. Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT’2011), pp. 15-18, 2011.

Khachatrian G., Khasikyan H.,  Correlation-Based Password Generation From Fingerprint,  IBS   ISC,  2012 pp. 1-8.
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