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Full name Ashot Shahverdian
Phone (+374 96) 424032
E-mail svrdn@jinr.ru, svrdn@yerphi.am
Acting Leading Researcher
Research Interests

Theory of functions, Potential theory, Ergodic theory, Dynamical systems and networks, Mathematical modeling


Yerevan State University, Mathematics

Titles, Degree

Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences

Professional Experience
Head of department
of matematical and 
  Scientific-IndustrialCorporation of Ministry of Industry of Armenia (1986-1988)    
Senior researcher
  Institute Radio- Physics of Armenian Natl. Acad.
Scis (1988-1992) 
Leader researcher
  Armenian Natl. Seismic Center (1992-1993)  
Senior researcher and
acting Head of lab for
comp. physics
  Yerevan Physics Inst (1993-2002)  
Head of Joint
USA-Armenian lab
for Nonlinear Problems
  Yerevan Physics Inst (1999-2002)  
Senior researcher   Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) Dubna, Russia (2002-2007  
Selected Publications

A.Yu.Shahverdian, Asymptotic growth of subharmonic functions of order null, Siberian J. Math, 28(2), 201-210, 1987

A.Yu.Shahverdian, Boundary behavior of billiard trajectories in n-dimensional cube, Russian Math Surveys, 47(5), 200-202, 1992

A.Yu.Shahverdian, Lattice animals and self-organized criticality, Fractals, 5(2), 199-213, 1997 

A.Yu.Shahverdian, Matts Esse'n, and G.S.Hovanessian, Fine topology and growth of small subharmonic functions in the complex plane, New Zealand Math. J, 29(1), 73-90, 2000

A.Yu.Shahverdian and A.V.Apkarian, A difference characteristic for 1-dimensional  nonlinear systems, Comm. Nonlinear Sci. & Comp. Simulations,  12(3), 233-242, 2007

A.Yu.Shahverdian and A.V.Apkarian, Avalanches in networks of weakly coupled phase shifting rotators, Comm. Math. Sci., 6(1), 217-234, 2008

A.Yu.Shahverdian, A decomposition of quasi-oscillators, Asian-European J. Math., 2(4),  681-705, 2009

A.Yu.Shahverdian, Fine topology and estimates for potentials and subharmonic  functions, Computational Methods and Function Theory, 11(1), 71-121, 2011

A.Yu.Shahverdian, Avalanches and memory in rotator networks, Reports Armenian Natl. Acad. Sci., 111(3), 240-249, 2011

A.Yu.Shahverdian, A decomposition of the rotation of circle, Results in Mathematics, 61(1), 143-177, 2012

H.Niederreiter and A.Yu.Shahverdian, Discrepancy estimates for rotation sequences and oscillation sequences, Asian-European J Math., 5(2), 12500201-12, 2012

A.Yu.Shahverdian, Minimal Lie algebra, fine limits, and dynamical systems, Reports Armenian Natl. Acad. Sci., 112(2), 158-168, 2012

A.Yu.Shahverdian, A. Kilicman, R.B.Benosman, Higher difference structure of some discrete processes, Advances Difference Equations, 202, 2012

A.Yu.Shahverdian and A. Kilicman, Exact formula for distribution of (n omega), Intern J Number Theory, 9(1), 179-187, 2013

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