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Full name Hrant Marandjian
Phone (+374 77) 256834
E-mail hrant_marandjian@sci.am
Principal Scientific Researcher, Head of Laboratory
Research Interests

Computability Theory, Degrees of Unsolvability, Kolmogorov and Size Complexities, General Form Recursive Equations, Program Automated Synthesis and Optimization


Yerevan Polytechnic Institute; National Academy of Sci. post-graduate courses.

Titles, Degree

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAS RA

Professional Experience
Senior Researcher 
Head of group 
Head of Lab. 
Scientific Director
Principal Scientist

  Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA, (1965-at present)
R/D Engineer
R&D Senior Engineer
  Yerevan Polytechnic Institute,
Scientific Department (1963-1965)

Second Job:

Director of Science
  Heuristic Physics Laboratories of Armenia, Department of Research and Development, (1995-2001)

  UNICAD (2002-2004)

Presiden   Ponte Solutions(Renamed UNICAD),

R&D  Senior Engineer   SYNOPSYS (2006-2011)
Selected Publications
H.B. Marandjian,  Selected Topics in Recursive Function Theory in Computer Science, DTH, Lyngby, 1990.

Г.Б. Маранджян, О некоторϼх свойствах асимптотически оптимальных рекурсивнϼх функций. Математика, Известия  Академии Наук АрмЀнскойССР, т. 4, No. 1, 1969. с. 3-22.

Г.Б. Маранджян, Об алгоритмах минимальной сложности. Доклады Академии Наук СССР, т.213, вып. 4, 1973, с.787-789.

Г.Б. Маранджян, О сложности представлений натуральных чисел с помощью рекурсивных функций. Исследования по теории алгорифмов и математической логике,
I. Вычислительный Центр Академии Наук СССР, 1973, с. 42—96

H.B. Marandjian, General Form Recursive Equations I, in: Computer Science Logic. Selected Papers,  Lecture Notes in Computer Science,  vol. 933 , Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1995.

H.B. Marandjian, Minimal Indices in Precomplete Numberings. MTA SZTAKI Tanulm'anyok, volume 202,  MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, 1987.

H.B. Marandjian, On  General Form Intensional Recursive Equations II, Proc. Int. Conf on Computer Science and Information Technologies, 1997.

H.B. Marandjian, Fixed Points and General Form Recursive Equations.  Fixed Points in Computer Science. Paris,  P-12, 2000.

H.B. Marandjian, General Form Recursive Equations and Recursive Term Unification.  Fixed Points in Computer Science. Paris,  P-12, 2001.

H.B. Marandjian , On Computable Solutions to Functional Equations. Computer Science and Information Technologies, 2011, pp. 20—22.  

The number of all sci. publications is 47.
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The Jubilee Event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences will take place on November 30, 2017, at 15:00 in the big hall of the institute.

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